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Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT aide just arrested at Dulles trying to flee the country after FBI seized smashed hard drives from his home

Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT aide Imran Awan was arrested Tuesday at Dulles International Airport on bank fraud charges while attempting to flee the country.

“F*CK DONALD TRUMP,” the California Democrat faithful chant at their 2017 convention with both middle fingers in the air

The leader of the California Democrat Party offered this parting wisdom to his adoring audience…. “FUCK DONALD TRUMP!” at the 2017 California Democrat Convention.

Sanders supporters sue DNC for bias. DNC defense in court: We can be biased and slimy if we want. We are Democrats. Not kidding!

Their defense in court is that they can rig an election if they want to because they are Democrats and have every right to be slimy. Not kidding!

ANOTHER WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL! Internal email proves DNC placed a fake Trump Craigslist ad seeking female employees for Trump to “grope under the meeting table”

The Democrat Party is literally fighting for its life in this election. They are pulling all stops to keep their party alive and to keep Hitlery from spending the rest of her life in a cage.

VIDEO: Another mysterious death of an individual opposed to Hitlery and the DNC

What is the most dangerous job in America? Crab fishing in Alaska? Nope. Lumberjack? Sorry. The deadliest job in America is being opposed to the Clintons and the Democrat Party.

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