By Thomas Madison

Sometimes I become discouraged with America’s youth, who generally seem disengaged, far more aware of their electronic gadgets than the really important things in life, including the forgotten hardships of those long gone who sacrificed, some paying the ultimate sacrifice, that the lives of our youngsters may be so free and comfortable. Then I run across something like this video and my faith is instantly restored.

Filmed on D-Day, June 6, 2014. Watch as this young patriot salutes the spirits of America’s soldiers who stormed ashore this same beach 70 years earlier to the day, many of those soldiers only teenagers themselves. In authentic period uniform, complete with 48-star flag, this thoughtful 11-year old patriot stood silently in salute, at one point moving only to wipe a tear from his eye.

As we enjoy our barbecues and beer this weekend, please take time to remember the reason for the holiday, to salute and thank America’s fallen heroes. All gave something. Some gave all. When an enlisting member of our armed forces raises his or her hand to recite the oath, they well understand that they are signing a blank check for up to and including their very lives.

God Bless you and thank you to all who are serving and those who have served, and especially on this Memorial Day weekend those who made the ultimate sacrifice that America may remain free.

H/T Clash Daily