The grapevine is abuzz this morning with video of what many on the left are calling “strange” red strobing lights coming from the second floor of the White House. Libs are screaming. I’m sure they believe there is a Russian connection.

Our crack researchers here at Powdered Wig have compiled a list of possible answers to identify the mysterious White House lights.

Which of the following do you think it is?

  1. Mind control machine President Trump is transmitting towards the Capitol to get Nancy Batshit Crazy Pelosi and Maxine James Brown Waters to STFU!
  2. Trump’s new death ray gun, aimed at passersby on Pennsylvania Avenue, being tested for population control.
  3. Disco ball for official White House Memorial Day hoedown.
  4. American flag display to be moved to the White House lawn today.

Any of the four answers above would be good guesses, but I am going with #4. It looks like a flag. We can’t see the blue field of stars in my opinion as it may be out of view to the left of the left window. What do you think it is? Please add your comments in the “comments” section, below.