There is an update to this story at the link at the bottom of the page, revealing how this egregious fascism is a direct result of a 2011 Obama executive action.

By Thomas Madison

OK, here’s the background. College dude is drinking with a female friend. They go to her dorm room, where he passes out. She performs oral sex on him while he is unconscious, then accuses him of sexual assault. With practically no opportunity to defend himself before the college administration, he is expelled. He is now suing the college.  And liberals claim there is a war on women?

According to Washington Examiner, “An Amherst College student blacked out, accompanied a fellow student back to her dorm room after drinking in February 2012. While he was blacked out, she performed oral sex on him.

Nearly two years later, she would accuse him of sexual assault. And under Amherst’s guilty-until-proven-innocent (and even then, as we’ll see, still guilty) hearing standards, the accused student was expelled.

The accused student — using the pseudonym John Doe — is suing the college for denying him due process. His lawyer had discovered text messages that prove the accused student did not initiate the encounter and in no way sexually assaulted the accuser. Despite this evidence, the college refused to reopen Doe’s case.”

From Ollie McAteer, Metro

The 22-year-old man, who goes by the pseudonym John Doe, was kicked out of Amherst College in Massachusetts, US, after the disciplinary board had concluded that he forced a female student to perform oral sex on him in February 2012.

Doe has always maintained that he had in fact blacked out after drinking heavily and received the sex act without any knowledge of it.

Two years later, he was accused of sexual assault and found guilty.

But now, his lawyer has helped uncover powerful new evidence which proves his innocence – yet the college is not re-opening its case.

The accuser was the room mate of the woman Doe was dating at the time.

A text message sent from her to a friend immediately after the alleged rape read: ‘It’s pretty obvi I wasn’t an innocent bystander.’

Then she send another message reading: ‘Oh my God I just did something stupid.’

Later that evening she invited another male student back to her place for sex.

This man has since testified that she seemed ‘friendly, flirtatious, and spirited’ and not in any way ‘anxious, stressed, depressed, or otherwise in distress’.

Late last month, Doe’s lawyer, Max D. Stern, filed a lawsuit in US District Court in Springfield, arguing that the college is guilty of a miscarriage of justice against his client.

UPDATE: This egregious fascism is a direct result of a 2011 Obama executive action. Click here