Valerie Jarrett Promises To Hurt Israel, Netanyahu “WILL PAY A PRICE” Over Iran Nukes Speech to Congress

By Juliette Washington and Chuck Biscuits, Tea Party Crusaders

Nobody on Obama’s staff has the power to speak this viciously and forcefully, to make crystal clear threats like this against a world leader, to the press, other than Valerie Jarrett.

Plus, the sense of being so very PERSONALLY offended, so PERSONALLY invested in the President, is only going to come from Valerie Jarrett, we all know that. And lastly, the threatening language, the raging, vindictive arrogance are all Valerie’s emotional and rhetorical signatures.Take it to the bank that it was her. And it is beyond outrageous that she attacks Netanyahu as if he’s done some egregious harm to Obama by snubbing him, when she and Obama are working to guarantee that Iran gets a nuclear arsenal with which it can attack Israel. Who is hurting who here, really? This is the arrogance of evil, and the fear that Netanyahu might actually foil their plans to get Iran that nuclear arsenal if he screws up their “deal” by convincing Congress to pass more sanctions.

Make no mistake: Obama’s Iran deal is designed to do nothing but guarantee that Iran gets a nuclear arsenal by shielding it from attack: when a deal is in place Obama can say, “See, neither us or Israel needs to attack Iran because this deal guarantees they won’t make a bomb,” when in fact Iran will absolutely violate the deal and secretly make the bombs anyway. It has been a core goal of the Left to arm Iran with nukes for decades. This “deal” is Obama’s way of getting it done.

Excerpted from The Times Of Israel: The White House’s outrage over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to speak before Congress in March — a move he failed to coordinate with the administration — began to seep through the diplomatic cracks on Friday, with officials telling Haaretz the Israeli leader had “spat” in President Barack Obama’s face.
“We thought we’ve seen everything,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed senior US official as saying. “But Bibi managed to surprise even us.

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