By Thomas Madison

I have been saying the same thing for many years. I consider voter qualification the single most important issue we face. Fix that and all the other problems fix themselves.

I would start by repealing the 26th Amendment. Generally, 18-year olds simply do not possess the life experience to make such grave decisions as who is President of the United States. I would make the minimum voting age 25, and I would not be opposed to 30. There should also be a qualification test necessary to vote, a quick and dirty 20-question (or so) quiz on the workings and responsibility of the federal government, a few history questions, knowledge of our constitution, and knowledge of the candidates. This should keep scumbags like the Clintons and Obamas out of the White House.

Combining those changes with voter ID and designing and fielding a foolproof, untamperable voting system should cut out nearly all of the voter fraud and insure that only qualified citizens of the United States are voting.