In a snarky article slamming America and President Trump, the UK’s Independent, a British publisher, followed up with an insulting tweet, asking Americans how independence was working out them.

The Independent’s headline reads, “On the eve of the 4th of July, the question to America is this. How’s that independence thing workin’ out for ya? For all three of its supposedly equal branches,” going on to declare that both our legislative branch and judicial branch are subservient to President Trump, which shows how little they know. Never has an American president had to fight so hard against forces in Congress from the left side of the aisle and even Rinos on the right and had his executive actions challenged in the judicial branch, especially the 9th Circuit.

The Independent’s tweet read, “Happy Independence Day, America – how’s that working out for you?” meant as an obvious rhetorical question. They should have been smart enough to anticipate the responses.