Isn’t it weird that you never hear of Democrat voters complaining that their votes were switched on the voting machine and they couldn’t change them back? This is happening to Republicans in Texas already in early voting. What does that tell us?

It tells us that Democrats are busy intentionally rigging voting machines to change a Trump vote to a Hitlery vote, and in many cases the vote cannot be changed back without the help of a voting official who must recalibrate the machine to operate properly, which begs the question, “why wasn’t the machine calibrated properly to begin with?” These are simple machines, simpler than the first generation Texas Instrument calculators. This should not be happening. With today’s technology our voting machines should be foolproof.

I wonder how many cases there are of this happening where the voters were completely unaware because they didn’t bother to check their votes after casting them. Please be sure to do that. There is no question that cheating is not beneath the Democrat Party. In fact, there has been ample evidence over the past few months that they are doing a lot of it and are actually proud of it.

According to Liberty News, “officials are claiming it’s simply a case of either a) voter error or b) voting machines needing to be recalibrated. Either way voters are beginning to report major problems with machines switching their vote selections right before the final confirmation is made.

Two voters took to Facebook yesterday to report their experiences.

Vote Fraud

Election officials are brushing this off as a non-event. But clearly people are concerned. And as confirmed by both voters and officials, those working the polls acknowledge there is a problem.

More from Dallas News.

Garland City Council member Stephen Stanley said he went to an early voting station at Nicholson Memorial South Branch Library on Tuesday morning while campaigning for candidates on the ballot.

He said around noon a woman came out of the library and told him she had tried to vote straight ticket Republican but the machine said she had voted straight Democrat.

The woman told him a poll worker apologized that the machine wasn’t working and instructed her to use another one.

Stanley said he was worried about people who didn’t double-check their ballots.

‘My question is how many other people didn’t know,’ Stanley said.

This is 2016. We have phones that can literally accomplish anything with the swipe of a finger. How is it possible that voting machines, devices that are designed to accomplish the most simplest of functions, have issues like this?

And how many instances of this happen without anyone noticing or knowing?

He said the case was resolved. The woman’s first ballot was voided and she was moved to another machine. A technician examined the machine she said was faulty but found no problems, according to Channel 8. Election officials could not replicate the error at their headquarters.

So clearly the machine recorded a vote she did not intend to cast. That part of the story was not in any way disputed.

Which is the most concerning part of the story overall.”

The only truly foolproof method is voter IDs and the old-fashioned paper ballot, hand-counted multiple times at the precinct level in the presence of representatives from both major parties. Counting should be done live on closed circuit TV and broadcast online for all voters to witness.