From Fox News, via youtube

On “Hannity” tonight, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump reacted to ben carson controversy the snl appearance his fellow candidates and his political opponents beginning to launch attack ads against him. Trump said that focusing on negativity and division is a bad thing for the GOP as a whole, but particularly for those candidates who decide to target him.

“If they do, I come after them times ten, and that’s the way the game is played,” Trump stated. As for a controversial anti-Trump video from a Latino activist group that featured children hurling swear words at him, Trump said it’s actually helped him gain more support. “I think it’s sad, it’s pathetic. It’s been horribly received,” Trump said. “People that were actually somewhat opposed to me are now big fans of mine. They thought it was a disgrace that an ad like that could take place, that they’d use that kind of language with children … To use children with that kind of language is disgraceful. I’ve actually gotten a lot of support because of those ads.”