So, what is going on? Just two weeks ago the major pollsters showed Hitlery with a comfortable lead in the presidential sweepstakes.

Now, all of a sudden Donald Trump is killing it. A new poll is released every day that shows Trump leading, and every new poll that comes out shows a greater margin in The Donald’s favor.

Is it the fact that no one was falling for the BS the major pollsters were putting out and they are correcting in the direction of reality? Or is it the fact that Hitlery is indeed so ill that her faithful are bailing on the sick witch? Or are more Americans coming to their senses? Or is it a combination of all of the above?

According to Newsmax, “The Los Angeles Times’ latest “Daybreak” poll shows Republican nominee Donald Trump 6 points ahead of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

When asked ‘who would you vote for?’ respondents said:

Clinton: 41.3 percent;
Trump: 47.2 percent.

Among young voters, Trump has seen a large bump in support:

Clinton: 37.9 percent;
Trump: 47.7 percent.

Voters aged 35+ are more closely divided, but Trump maintains a slim lead.

Age 35-64 for Clinton: 41.3 percent;
Age 35-64 for Trump: 46.7 percent;
Age 65+ for Clinton: 45.3 percent;
Age 65+ for Trump: 47.8 percent.
Those with some college or less:

High school or less for Clinton: 36.9 percent;
High school or less for Trump: 54.0 percent;
Some college for Clinton: 37.3 percent;
Some college for Trump: 49.7 percent.

While those with a college degree and above continue to support Clinton:

Clinton: 49.0 percent;
Trump: 38.6 percent.

Despite Trump’s claims as a champion of the working class, those making less than $35,000 support Clinton: (Sure. They are what you call parasites)

Clinton: 48.9 percent;
Trump: 38.9 percent.

While voters in higher income brackets favor Trump:

$35-75K for Clinton: 37.5 percent;
$35-75K for Trump: 50.4 percent;
$75K+ for Clinton: 40.1 percent;
$75K+ for Trump: 49.4 percent.

Racial demographics are largely unchanged, though Trump has seen a spike in African-American support:

Whites for Clinton: 33.1 percent;
Whites for Trump: 55.1 percent;
Latinos for Clinton: 53.8 percent;
Latinos for Trump: 31.0 percent;
Blacks for Clinton: 75.3 percent;
Blacks for Trump: 19.2 percent;
Other for Clinton: 36.7 percent;
Other for Trump: 49.9 percent.

Both candidates have held steady with women voters, but Clinton is doing worse with men:

Women for Clinton: 49.0 percent;
Women for Trump: 38.6 percent;
Men for Clinton: 33.5 percent;
Men for Trump: 56.0 percent.

The LA Times, in conjunction with the University of Southern California’s Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research, poll 400 people each day asking will they vote, who they will vote for, and who they think will win.”

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