By Thomas Madison

I would like to hear at least one puffed-up political pundit explain this! How about it, Krauthammer?

All that his opponents and the media have done to paint Donald Trump as a misogynist, he continues to surge in the polls, surprisingly leading among women in the latest CNN poll at 33%, up from 20% a month ago. He is polling at 31% among men, meaning that even more women than men support Trump! Explain this, talking head pundits!

I think I know the answer. Everyone, including women, prefers a candidate who is strong, politically incorrect, real, says what is on his mind, and takes no crap from nobody!

The Donald also gained significantly among college graduates, leading at 28%, up from 16% a month ago.

My advice to Donald Trump is keep doing what you are doing. Be you! You should probably consider wearing the red tie less, though. I know it is extremely sharp with the white shirt and blue suit, but sometimes it seems as though that is the only tie you own. Mix it up a bit, maybe alternating with a red striped tie now and then, saving the patriotic solid red, white, and blue ensemble for important occasions like debates, which, as in the photo, above, is stunning against a US flag backdrop.

By Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax

Donald Trump now has the support of more than 30 percent of Republican voters for the GOP presidential nomination, according ot a new CNN/ORC poll, with Ben Carson rising by 10 points to end up in second place, with 19 percent, giving the two outsiders the overall party lead.

Further, the poll shows that more than half , 51 percent, of the GOP voters believe Trump will likely win the nomination, with 19 percent thinking former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will come out ahead and 11 percent who think it will be Carson.

Trump’s support has tripled since his campaign launch in June, reports CNN, and he has gained eight points since last month to gain support from 32 percent of a random sample of 1,012 adults in the poll, which was conducted between Sept. 4-8.

No other candidates broke the double-digit mark in the poll:

● Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush stands in third place with 9 percent down 4 points since August;
● Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, fourth place with 7 percent;
● Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, 5 percent;
● All other candidates, 3 percent or less, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio falling five points since August.

Trump made large gains among women and college-educated voters, the poll shows, gaining 13 points with women to rise from 20 percent to 33 percent and climbing from 16 percent to 28 percent among college graduates. He stands at 33 percent among those without degrees, up slightly from 28 percent in August and at 31 percent with men, up four points.

The real estate mogul is also leading among GOP voters who back the Tea Party movement, the poll showed, gaining 41 percent support, up from 27 percent in August. Carson is in second in that group with 21 percent, with Cruz following at third with 11 percent. The other candidates all fell below five percent among Tea Party voters.