From Adam Lankford, Raw Conservative

As new polls continue to be released nation wide, Donald Trump has commanding leads in every single poll.  The support is so high that considerations for who is being polled has started a conversation that the support could be even higher.  Not all of the voting block in most polls are questioned for their support and in the key demographic of 18-45 year old’s, most polls are conducted with land line robo-calls.

In a cell phone and social media world where most younger people do not even have a land line phone, it would suggest that based on the support from land line house holds, the support could be higher—  Much higher as in 50% of the vote or more.

Support for this theory has been the release of several social media polls on various news blog and support outlets showing Donald Trump with 55%-75% of the vote.

Fox News discussed this possibility in the polling data today and as more evidence is brought forth on the polling process, we will bring it to you.