In a heated interview, Clinton lackey and sycophant, George Stephanopoulos, tried his best to trap Donald Trump with outright lies and mischaracterisations regarding his tax returns, which he has not yet turned over for obvious reasons – his enemies on the left and their official communications department, the mainstream media, would crucify him over every line. “Trump didn’t give enough to charity.” “Trump makes too much money.” “Trump cheats on his taxes.” Yada, yada, ad nauseam.

Watch the video, below, as The Donald bitch slaps Stephanopoulos all over the airwaves.

Stephanopoulos: “What is your tax rate?”

Trump: “It’s none of your business. You’ll see it when I release. But I try hard to pay as little tax as possible.”

Stephanopoulos: “I first asked you about this in 2011, and you said you would release your tax returns then, you were thinking about running for president, when President Obama releases his birth certificate. He did (a known fake document). Then you said you would release your tax returns when Secretary Clinton releases her emails. She has turned over all the emails in her possession.” (a bare-faced lie)

The Donald immediately stands the Clinton goon up: “She didn’t turn over all. There’s plenty missing. I read yesterday where there are a lot of emails missing. I know she’s a good friend of yours and I know you worked for her, but you didn’t reveal it.  But, you know, she did not turn over her emails. There are a lot of emails missing.”

Stephanopoulos: “There are emails from her staffers missing. She turned over the emails she had.” (another lie)

Trump: “There are emails missing all over the place. The whole thing is a scam. There are emails missing all over the place.”

Stephanopoulos: “But you have also said then that you were just going through all of the returns and you would release them as soon as you went through them. Now you’re throwing up the audit.” (another lie – Trump said from the beginning that he would release the returns as soon as the audit was complete)

Trump bitch slaps Stephanopoulos again, accusing him of lying: “I never said that at all. I said to you that I will release them upon the completion of the audit like anybody else. I was interviewed last night, or the other night, by Greta Van Susteren, who is a lawyer. She said, ‘I happen to agree with you, until the audit is complete you shouldn’t release them.'”

I was hoping The Donald would mention the 20,000 sensitive (to say the least) Hitlery emails Vladimir Putin has in his possession, many, or maybe most, of which would certainly have to be part of the 30,000 missing Benghazi emails.

A few months ago Trump tweeted one of my articles to the world and many brain-dead talking heads in the media, including Stephanopoulos, tried to rake The Donald over the coals for it. He handled it very well.

Stephanopoulos is a Clinton hack who has ZERO credibility due to his undying support of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.