By Thomas Madison

If you are a Trump fan, and I am, then you will love this new CNN/ORC poll.

The Donald is now dominating in the only primary state where he was seriously challenged, Iowa. He is walloping Ted Cruz 37% to 26%, a significant shift since the neck-and-neck race of the past couple of months.

Credit Sarah Palin. She has an army of devoted followers. Her endorsement of The Donald was YUGE! I¬†would love to see her as The Donald’s running mate, which begs the question, “what happened to Ted Cruz, who was Trump’s announced preference for VP?” Stick a fork in that relationship, it is DONE!

Trump’s close political relationship with Ted Cruz, which has blossomed since last summer, is not on the rocks, it is over! Cruz had it made. Trump had already announced that his preferred candidate for VP was Ted Cruz.

However, Cruz thought he had a shot at the brass ring in 2016 and began a campaign of denigrating The Donald in order to boost his own poll numbers, believing that if he could win in Iowa and ride the momentum from state to state, he could win the nomination.

Cruz never had a prayer of accomplishing that miracle, and in trying he destroyed his chances of being Trump’s veep and being heir apparent to the White House in 2024, when he will still be a very young (by presidential standards) 53 years old. Oops! Gross miscalculation!


Following are the results of the CNN/ORC poll, collected Jan 15-20, 2016….

Donald Trump – 37 percent
Ted Cruz – 26 percent
Marco Rubio – 14 percent
Ben Carson – 6 percent
Jeb Bush – 3 percent
Mike Huckabee – 3 percent
Rand Paul – 2 percent
Chris Christie – 1 percent
Carly Fiorina – 1 percent
John Kasich – 1 percent
Rick Santorum – 1 percent