By Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

The feminazi group, FEMENis at it again. Last month, as reported on Powdered Wig, they protested topless at the Vatican, wiping their butts with crufixes and shouting obscenities, while pretending to shove the crucifixes up their butts. Such class!

On Christmas Day, an activist, reported to be the leader of FEMEN, Inna Shevchenko, broke through the protective barrier of the Vatican nativity scene. Storming the display, a topless Shevchenko, abducted the baby Jesus, holding him high over her head while screaming to the assembled spectators, “God is woman!” which was also written in large letters across her bare chest.

Proudly smiling, Ms. Shevchenko was apprehended, covered up, and driven away.

All of this to advocate abortion rights for women. FEMEN apparently believes that women should be as irresponsible and careless as they please, and if their slutty behavior results in a pregnancy, the woman has all the rights in the world to murder her unborn child.

Wouldn’t a condom or the pill be a lot less trouble?

Doesn’t the father have any rights? The unborn child is 50% his. Suppose he wants to keep the baby. Does the mother still have 100% rights to kill the unborn child? Is she the only one who matters?

Twisted and selfish, FEMEN is a joke, but not a very funny one.