By Thomas Madison

Most nations on earth are beneficiaries of US foreign aid. Some much more than others. Common knowledge. Afghanistan, whose police and military murder our soldiers, is in first place receiving $6.7 billion in 2014, about $400 for every man, woman, and child in America, including those whose family members were slaughtered by Afghan cockroaches in uniform. The fact that we are stupid enough to give Afghanistan hard-earned American tax dollars is not surprising to me.

What is surprising is the second-place recipient of US “state welfare.” Although you won’t find the name of that country at the top of any list of recipients of US foreign aid, it received nearly $6 billion in 2014, in addition to the $148 million in regular foreign aid (see attached list). Can you guess the name of this nation? Give up?


I know, I was shocked too when I found out. But sure enough, the United States paid Iran nearly half a billion dollars a month in 2014 and the latter half of 2013.

Presidents Carter and Reagan froze Iranian assets after the Shah was overthrown, as the new Islamist regime of Muslim crackpots proved to be, shall we say, less than Yank-friendly. In 2013 Barrack Hussein began releasing those frozen assets to Iran at the tune of half a billion dollars a month. This is the same country whose esteemed leader, the Grand Wizard, or Supreme Ayatollah, or some such ridiculous title, was videoed chanting “Death to America!” You need a chain saw to cut through the mind-bending irony.

Shameful! Beyond stupid! Over the past several years Iran has been labeled as not only a state sponsor of terrorism by the United States, but the greatest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet, until, that is, the Barrack Hussein administration removed Iran from the list of state sponsors of terrorism just a month or two ago, for no particular reason, as Forrest Gump might say. Iran hasn’t been less involved in terrorism against America and its allies. America just has a different president in office now who can somehow overlook minor transgressions like murdering Americans, aiding and abetting cockroaches America is at war with, vowing to remove a key US ally from the map. You know, just so much good-humored silliness.

Link to list of US foreign aid recipients….