By Rod Eccles


This past week, 14 years later we, as a nation, took pause to remember September 11, 2001.  Yes it has been 14 years already since that deadly attack on the American people and it is something that will be burned into our collective psyche for the rest of our lives.  We will never forget September 11th, 2001. Or will we? Or have we already?

Currently, there is a ‘crisis’ in Syria and the people are fleeing the multi-faceted civil war going on in that small Middle East nation.  There are at least three major factions fighting each other and it is creating havoc for the people of that nation. So much so that the men, women, children are fleeing for their lives and are flooding European nations that are near to Syria Or are they really?

Some studies have suggested that in many groups of refugees, the makeup of the people include women and children and elderly but that 80% are men between the ages of 18 and 30 and that is the age of a soldier In fact we know that some of those young men are indeed members of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Muslim extremist groups that are bent on the West’s destruction.  The problem is we don’t know which of them are or how many there are.

The media has portrayed this as a mass human exodus with unimaginable suffering.  What we hear from people on the ground in the areas affected is that this is not true.  In fact many European nations have closed their once open borders in an effort to stop the free flow of these people for the simple reason those countries know for a fact that some of those crossing their borders have nefarious reasons on their minds.

France, England, Belgium and other European nations are all too familiar with these kinds of immigrants because they have caused death and destruction on a massive scale. These nations have also learned that there is no integration of culture when they cross into their lands.  France thought they could appease Muslims by giving them whole towns to basically run as they please and that has not caused a drop in terrorism in France.  In fact, it has increased.

And now the French are beginning to take some hard line stances to curb this terrorism and England has begun to do the same thing for the same reasons.  Even those who do not love the USA are taking or have taken hard line stances. Take Russia for example, they do not tolerate deviation from its national culture because you either assimilate or President Putin will kick you out or put you in prison.

China has all but banned Islam within its borders by banning all Mosques.  Even Chinese citizens have been turned away and prevented from re-entering their own nation because of their Islamic affiliations. So with much of the world turning their back on Syrian refugees and radical Islam, one has to ask the question why is it that the American left is so open to the idea of bringing even more of these people into the country?

Does the left not understand that Islam hates them the most because they support all kinds of ideas that are a complete and total offense to Islam such as Atheism and homosexuality.  In the Middle East, they still hang or behead atheists and homosexuals.  Yet the left still thinks it’s worth bringing these haters into the USA.

It would seem to me that the left has forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001.  Don’t get me wrong I feel for the people of Syria.  I really do.  But only a fool would let their emotions rule the day and let terrorist into their midst willingly. This is the modern day version of the Trojan horse because if Women and Children and the Elderly are the refugees, how could we possibly refuse to take the young men as well?

I have not forgotten September 11, 2001 and I say it is easy to deny entry to those who have as their base religion, our very destruction as their agenda.  So it is written, so they say it will be done. We have to remind liberals that their illogical bleeding hearts could get people they know and love killed and then we would have another 9/11 to remember 14 years later.

It’s not humane to do such a thing.  It’s foolish.