There has been much animosity between NFL players and fans lately and it appears to be escalating.

During the NFL’s Monday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, Redskin receiver Terrelle Pryor confronted fans as he was leaving the field, screaming “fuck you” and giving them the middle finger.

Angered by Pryor’s demonstration, fans returned the insults and middle finger gesture.

Pryor claimed that he was provoked by fans calling him the “N” word, although no one else heard that, nor was the word heard on any of the many available audio and video recordings of the incident.

From the Los Angeles Times
Washington Redskins receiver Terrelle Pryor apologized Wednesday for cursing at and giving the middle finger to a Kansas City Chiefs fan following the teams’ game earlier this week. But he also said his behavior was a response to being called the N-word in that instance and several others that night.

“Being called [the N-word] several times to the point where an NFL employee had to step to me and stand by me the whole game from the 2nd quarter on is the exact reason why guys are kneeling during anthem,” Pryor wrote in an Instagram Story post. “I choose not to kneel because as a team we decided to be the one and stand … but as I walked in tunnel hearing some one call me [the N-word] and say F you to flicking the person off is more deserving.

“I do apologize to my teammates and the organization. But at some point you keep calling us The N Word .. we going to start acting up. #straightlikethat”

An NFL representative said Thursday that the league was looking into all aspects of the incident.

The exchange with the fan after the game took place as Pryor was leaving the field through a tunnel at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night following the Redskins’ 29-20 loss to the Chiefs. TMZ posted video footage of the incident on Wednesday.