By Thomas Madison

Don’t you just love it when raging racists call everyone else racists? Me, neither!

In a lively exchange of mutual honky-bashing, MSNBC host Alex Wagner, liberal poster weenie, Ari Berman, and Salon sweathog contributor, Brittney Cooper, discussed, with much nodding, agreement, and reciprocal back-slapping, how the word “thug” has become a contemporary euphemism for the word so unspeakable we refer to it in polite company as the “N” word.

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I had no idea that you had to be black to be a thug! Who knew? I have seen many white thugs, and waste no time in referring to them as such. The word “thug” actually originated in India….



1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.

2. (sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professionalrobbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

Now that the “T” word has joined the “N” word in the vocabulary of the prohibited, I wonder how much longer it will be before “W” replaces “watermelon.” I can see the supermarket sales flyers now (below).

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