By Thomas Madison
H/T Powdered Wig contributor, Cee AC

The perennial parasites in the establishment GOP are engineering an overthrow of the people’s choice, Donald Trump, at the GOP nominating convention in Cleveland in July. This is no secret.

Trump has exposed the nasty underbelly of the entire American political establishment, and unfortunately that establishment includes the Republican Party, to which many of us have been blindly devoted for decades. I plead guilty.

They are bending the rules, they are conspiring, they are game planning, they are manipulating a system that is already corrupt, making it more corrupt, like a Kafka nightmare or an Iranian joke disguised as a popular election.

Now, before you ignorant Cruzbots get on your soapbox and clamor that everything is fair and aboveboard, and I’m including you, Mark Levin, consider this: If the people can’t choose their own candidate, what good is this democratic/republican system of ours? Why doesn’t Reince Pubis, whose strings are being pulled by his backstage puppeteer masters, just pick who the masters want and be done with it?

Why the charade? I know the masters have to present to the low-info voters the illusion that they are in charge, that they are participating in a free and fair election, but The Donald has now exposed that charade for the sad joke it has proven to be.

Why have a general election? If the candidates wind up being two corporate bank/Wall Street puppets, why bother? We the People should just accept our fate and let our masters decide what that fate is.

On the other hand, we can still do something about it! Run the sons-of-bitches out of Cleveland if they even attempt to implement this nefarious plan to subvert the peoples’ will. Show up ready to change their minds, and force them to abide by the people’s choice.

Here’s how you can help. There is a movement underway called “Stop the Steal,” the mission of which is to stop the establishment GOP-backed Cruzbots from stealing previously committed delegates from Donald Trump in Cleveland. Once they have dispatched Trump, they will throw the Canadian in the dumpster behind the convention hall, and run a loyal establishment parasite, like Romney, or Ryan, or Jeb!.

Trump has won this thing already, fairly and squarely! It is clear and it is obvious to anyone who has been watching, and there are many tens of millions of us. The only way the establishment can stop Trump now is by cheating, manipulating the rules, changing the seating order of delegates at the convention to favor Trump haters, and any variety of other dirty tricks they may, and will, employ.

One thing will stop them – PUBLIC PROTEST! Show up in Cleveland, July 18-21. Be there, be vocal, and be pissed! It is the only thing the parasites understand. Otherwise, they are going to continue to shove worthless career government losers like Hitlery Clinton and Canadian Cruz down our collective throat.

At the following link is all the information you will need to participate…. Stop the Steal is making plans for lodging and transportation, and they need financial support, if you can help.

If there is any way possible, be there! The futures of our children and grandchildren are depending on it.

Again, the link…. Stop the Steal!