By Thomas Madison

Some have called Barack Hussein’s nuclear deal with Iran “ridiculous.” I believe a more descriptive term is “insane.” A one-sided deal is not a deal. It is a gift. Please consider the following high points of the “deal,” then sign the petition to stop this insanity.

1. Iran has cheated on every nuclear deal they have ever signed. EVERY deal!

2. American inspectors are banned.

3. Inspectors must give 24 days notice before inspecting a facility. It suspiciously looks like “24 hours” was scratched out and changed.

4. Inspectors are denied access to Iranian nuclear scientists. Why? They have nothing to hide, right?

5. Iranian inspectors will inspect their own facilities. Sounds like Eric Holder investigating Fast and Furious.

6. Here’s the icing on the yellow cake: We are paying Iran $150 billion dollars to be a genocidal menace to the world. They will use those funds to destroy Israel, then Europe and the United States. Iran is moving at breakneck speed to develop ICBMs, which they don’t need to destroy Israel. They are being developed for distant targets – Europe and the United States.

A deal typically means all parties win in a compromise. There is absolutely ZERO benefit to anyone but the Iranians in this non-deal, and everyone knows it except those who are content to sleep through this nightmare. Please sign the petition below to stop the madness before the non-deal goes forward.

From United with Israel

Sign the Petition to Oppose the Nuclear Deal with Iran

The US Congress must reject the dangerous deal with Iran and ensure that sanctions remain in force until the nuclear threat is completely eliminated.

I strongly oppose any deal with Iran that allows for easing sanctions before the nuclear threat has been completely eliminated. Allowing Iran to enrich uranium without being subject to ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections is extremely dangerous and unacceptable. This bad deal with Iran is far worse than no deal and must be rejected.


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