After being provided the documented video evidence from the Democrat debates of their candidates, with the exception of Jim Webb, pandering to black voters by insisting that their lives matter more than those of other people, Sheriff David Clarke offered his impression of the disgusting spectacle.

He’s asked, “What is so controversial about saying ‘all lives matter’ and what does it say when somebody won’t say that?”

Sheriff Clarke replies, “Sean, it was a pathetic display, it was plantation politics in its finest hour, the continued enslavement of black people emotionally by the Democrat Party with this destructive liberal ideology.”

He says, “And they know it, they’re whoring for votes.” He notes that, “The liberal ideology has been very destructive for the blackcommunity for the last fifty or sixty years. Poverty is now generational, it’s a lifestyle, the unemployment is obscene, they have to send their kids to failing public schools, drug and alcohol addiction, neighborhoods that are crumbling, all under Democrat control.

They need to get off their knees and stop this stuff and take a real message to the American people and especially the black communitythat what they have done they deserve an apology for from the Democrat Party.

As Juan Williams makes a feeble attempt to defend the cowardly behavior of the Democrats, Larry Elder joins Sheriff Clarke in the truth-telling, noting how the downward spiral, particularly for black Americans under Democrats, which continues to this moment is undeniable.

Elder describes the usual Democrat bait and switch as being their only option, they can’t talk about the black economy, which under Obama in the last six and a half years has seen their net worth decline 20%, the so-called wealth gap between blacks and whites is the widest it’s been in 25 years, labor force participation is at a forty year low, their home ownership and black equity are down.

He says, “So let’s talk about black lives matter, let’s talk about climate change, let’s talk about any damn thing except the assault on the black economy and the assault on the black family as the result of these welfare state policies. He says under Obama the list goes on and on as to the causes of economic hemorrhage in the black community.

Sheriff Clarke takes the precipitous decline back to its beginnings with the destruction of black family unit, the most basic unit of society.

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