H/T The Gateway Pundit

BOOM! In Reuters “Likely Turnout” poll, which is a five-day rolling survey, Hitlery was at 43.5 percent on November 4. Then she began tanking to 41.8 percent on November 5th, 40.5 percent on November 6, and 35.9 percent on November 7, Election Day eve. That stunning trend indicates a 10-point drop in five days up to and including Election Day. Even scarier, if you are a Hitlery fan, and I absolutely am not, is the drop on Election Day eve, nearly a full  five points. OUCH!

That’s the good news. The REALLY good news is Donald Trump’s poll numbers have been trending in the opposite direction according to Reuters, sharply upward, from 37.1 percent on November 4 to 42 percent on November 7, the trend indicating a November 8 turnout figure of 43 percent, and an Election Day bulge of 7 points in The Donald’s favor. The graph, below, shows the trajectory of both candidates in the past four days….


So, what does a loyal polling organization do when the news is not favorable for a Democrat candidate. Why, delete the data, of course! Check the following link. This is what Reuters currently shows in their poll. The last day they now show is November 3 when the Wicked Witch of Benghazi was ahead by five points. The past four days are missing! Link…. Reuters poll