By Thomas Madison

Has Reince Priebus undergone an epiphany? Has he seen the light and the cold, hard truth of reality? Does he finally get it that the American people very much want Donald Trump in the White House? Does he understand how fortunate he is to have this candidate attracting millions of new patriots to the Republican Party? Does he understand that Donald Trump is saving his job, his reputation, and his political life like no other candidate could?

The answer to all of those questions appears to be a resounding “YES!”

According to initial reports over the past few days, Priebus has as much as instructed Kasich and his Canadian co-conspirator to abandon ship if The Donald continues his trend of total dominance and pounds their miserable asses into the rich Indiana soil.

The polls have it close, so it is nowhere near a done deal. With just a few percentage points separating The Donald and The Canadian, Indiana appears to be anyone’s ball game. However, judging by the crowds that The Canadian is attracting (a whopping 15 at one recent rally, photo below) in Indiana, I’m thinking The Canadian’s stock is dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s pants, and The Donald takes the Hoosier state. That is a good thing. The Democrats are never easy to beat, and 2016 will be no different. It is time to unite behind one candidate, and clearly that candidate is Donald J. Trump!

On the left, a Cruz audience in Indiana, reported to number at about 15.
On the right, over 30,000 patriots in Costa Mesa, Ca, to see The Donald

Furious Priebus to Cruz and Kasich: Drop out if Trump wins Indiana, or else

Priebus made those comments in recent days during a series of private meetings with party fundraisers that have yet to be made public. Select groups of big money GOP donors huddled with the RNC chief after Trump’s resounding wins in the New York primary last week and Tuesday’s primaries where the real estate developer and reality television star swept five states. Trump is now closer to amassing a majority or 1,237 delates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot.

Trump has 996 delegates compared to his main opponent, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s 565 delegates. Ohio Governor John Kasich, the other remaining candidate vying for the GOP nod, has just 153 delegates.

As Trump closes in on winning the GOP nomination, Priebus has been holding these gatherings in an effort to unify a divided party as the convention and the 2016 presidential election draws near.

Priebus warned of dire consequences if Cruz decided to stay in pointlessly, hinting that perhaps the party would not be willing to help him along in Texas as he faces a reelection bid in 2018