Roger Stone believes that if the Wicked Witch of Beghazi is put out to pasture by the DNC, forcing them to choose another candidate due to Hitlery’s obvious health problems, then they will choose Michelle Obama.

Wow, President Sasquatch! Whooda thunk?

I disagree with Roger. I think his derby may be a bit tight, constricting the blood flow to his brain.

Michael Michelle? Really? Barack Hussein is as popular in America as Chlamydia, and as goes Barack, so goes his…. uhhhh….¬†wife.

The other options would be Crazy Uncle Joe, Pocahontas Warren, and Swift Boat Kerry, all of whom are complete jokes in their own special and unique way.

That leaves The Bern. Bernie Sanders is not a complete joke, maybe like 3/4 of a joke. He has a tremendous following and was probably the winner of the Democrat nomination in the first place, but crooked Hitlery and her flying monkeys, including the scariest face in Washington, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (if you don’t count Rosa DeLauro), yanked the superdelegate rug right out from under clueless Bernie.

Clearly, Bernie should be the choice of the DNC.