By Thomas Madison

I know I am going to upset a few of my fellow Catholics with this. I apologize in advance. I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to be frank, direct, and honest.

I will never give another dime to a Catholic charity! Pope Marxist Francis said the most disgusting thing I have ever heard a religious leader say, not suggesting, but outright declaring that if you do not give all that you own to charity (read the Catholic church) then you are not a true Christian. Giving a portion of your disposable income is not enough. No, no, no! You must surrender your grocery money to charity, ostensibly the church, in order to enter the pearly gates.

The world has watched as Francis stuck his papal schnoz into liberal causes heretofore avoided by his predecessors, such as global warming, where he has become Al Gore with a skull cap, and world politics, favoring a global government. He has a full-bore and transparent political agenda, very distasteful to we liberty-lovers who appreciate and demand a separation of church and state.

Now he is demanding that if you want to be called a Christian then you give ALL that you own, insisting that such an idea is not in any way communist. Really, your popeness? Read much?

Said Pope Marx, “If Christians don’t dig deep and generously open up their wallets, they do not have ‘genuine faith,’” followed by this outrageous statement describing just how wide your wallet must be open (ALL THE WAY!), “Christian poverty is: I give to the poor what is mine, not the excess, but also what is necessary” for one’s own well-being.” In other words, the next time you grab your shopping list and checkbook for your regular trip to the grocery store, STOP! Instead, write a check for all that is in your account and give it to the Catholic church. Your kids can go to bed hungry with the comfort of knowing that their parents are truly faithful, according to the book of Saint Marx. I wonder if the pope is missing any meals.

One thing is certain – the Catholic church is filthy rich, rich enough to probably cure world poverty on its own, just with the proceeds from the sale of a fraction of its massive real estate holdings. Smells like hypocrisy to me.

From Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service

Vatican City – Focusing on poverty and sacrificing for the poor are the heart of the Gospel, not signs of communism, Pope Francis said at his morning Mass.Furthermore, if Christians don’t dig deep and generously open up their wallets, they do not have “genuine faith,” the pope said Tuesday during the Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

He said people often hear, “Oh, this priest speaks about poverty too much, this bishop talks about poverty, this Christian, this sister talk about poverty. Well, they’re a bit communist, aren’t they?”But “poverty is precisely at the heart of the Gospel. If we were to remove poverty from the Gospel, people would understand nothing about Jesus’ message,” he said, according to Vatican Radio.

Being fully Christian means being rich in spirit, faith, the Word, wisdom and zeal — things that Jesus has taught and offered all people, he said.

Make sure, however, that this huge amount of “wealth in the heart” also impacts the wallet, he said, because “when the faith doesn’t reach your pockets, it is not a genuine faith.”

Pope Francis said the “theology of poverty” is based on the fact that Jesus — in his divine richness — became poor; he lowered himself and sacrificed himself to save humanity.

The beatitude “Blessed are the poor in spirit” means “letting oneself be enriched by the poverty of Christ and not wanting to be rich with those riches that are not from Christ,” he said.

Christian giving goes beyond plain charity, which is good, but isn’t the “Christian poverty” believers are called to embrace, he said. “Christian poverty is: I give to the poor what is mine, not the excess, but also what is necessary” for one’s own well-being.

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