By Thomas Madison

Kudos to Jon Ritzheimer for organizing¬†Friday’s Draw Muhammed contest in Phoenix, attended by over 500 people, many of them armed patriots. Amazingly, it ended peacefully. According to reporters and video footage of the event it could easily have turned violent. I have much respect for Jon and the armed patriots for advertising the event as “peaceful” and keeping it that way. As Jon and his organization emphasized from the beginning they were armed for self defense, not to be offensive or intimidating. Much thanks to the police for not interfering with the Second Amendment rights of the participants and staying out of the way, monitoring the event while allowing it to proceed without incident. One million points were gained Friday for the Second Amendment!

Jon not only had a right to the free speech he exercised Friday, but a duty to speak freely, to step on some toes, to throw political correctness on the trash heap where it belongs, to stand up for all of us. Someone had to do it. Pam Geller did it first. Thank you, Jon, for following her lead. Patriots MUST stand up against the liberals and the Muslims who would deny us our most fundamental rights, preserved over the past 239 years with the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of patriots who clearly understood the importance and righteousness of their sacrifices.

How have Muslims reacted to Jon’s exercising of his First Amendment rights? As expected, with death threats, making Jon’s point for him, that these filthy cockroaches will do all they can to bully, to intimidate us right out of the rights so many patriots have died to protect and preserve, and we simply cannot allow it! We CANNOT allow it, no matter how loud the shrieking progressives scream racism and bigotry, which will certainly be their response to the highly successful event.

Said Jon during an interview as the event was winding down, obviously concerned for his young family, “I’m having to sell my house. My family has been threatened, so they’re in hiding right now. I’m having to go into hiding after this because they’re calling for lone wolves to come and behead me. That’s all in their book as it’s written. That’s tyranny. That’s terrorism right here in America.”

Asked later if it was worth it to organize the event, Jon replied, “Let’s ask our founding fathers if it was worth it for them to sign the Declaration of Independence.” The reporters seemed to love that question, apparently enjoying the fact that Jon and his family were now forced into hiding, and attempting to lure him into an admission of regret. Again, a reporter asked if he thought his effort was worth it. Jon bristled at the question, stating emphatically, “Yeah, this is worth it! We have to draw the line now. If we don’t do it now, what’s next? What are they going to start telling us not to do next? Are they going to start attacking our women for showing their hair, showing their ankles?”

Yes, Jon, they will! They are doing it all over Europe right now, because the Europeans did not stand up and resist like you did. Thank you for your heroic patriotism and doing all you can to not allow that misery to be imposed upon Americans.