Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs hasn’t gotten yet. Fans, nearly all of which are patriots, are offended by his spitting in their faces and dishonoring America’s flag and those who died for it.

He doesn’t care. He believes he is entitled to spit in the faces of those who provide his paycheck and they had better shut up and like it.

Even after the worst mass murder in American history, which should be citizens together under the flag, Peters, refused to stand for the national anthem, kneeling as fans booed the crybaby, inspiring Peters to scream, “FUCK YOU, BITCH,” then throwing his helmet on the ground like a 2-year old not allowed another piece of candy.

I don’t see how the NFL recovers from this suicide. How many more fans will be lost due to Peters’ puerile tantrum? Who would return to the stadium after witnessing this?