Three Arizona ranchers, John Ladd, Fred Davis, and Chris Burgard, have invited Nancy Pelosi, whose Indian name is Batshit Crazy, to hang out with them for a few days to actually see for herself what is happening on the border.

They have much evidence to share in support of border security, especially an impregnable border wall, which makes it very unlikely that Batshit will accept the invite any time soon, or ever, for that matter.

But, what if she did, wouldn’t it be fun to watch the heads of those ranchers explode? Poor guys, never knew what hit them until it was too late.

Imagine, if you will, this dialogue, begun by Ms. Pelosi as she steps down from the plane….

“Aloha, gentlemen, which way to the border?”

Already confused, the ranchers look at one another with that “WTF?” look, and point toward the border. “It’s that way, ma’am.”

“Wait a minute, if it was that way, we would be in Mexico already.”

Minds really blown now, the ranchers just stare in amazement as one rancher instructs, “No, ma’am, that way is south.”

“Wait a minute, cowboy, I may be batshit crazy, but I’m not stupid. I know we are not in Canada because Canada doesn’t have a desert. But, nice try. House Republicans are always trying to punk me like that. It never works. I’m smarter than I look.”

A few more hours like this and the ranchers are ready for a rubber room.

On the other hand, If Nancy was truly smart, she would accept the invitation as a means to recruit border folk to the Democrat Party by doing what she does best, temporarily leaving her lofty perch to mingle with the commoners, speaking to them in the warmest tones and simplest language that even they would understand, endearing herself to them, convincing them that she is just like them.

She could convince the ranchers to arrange for her a few minutes on Sunday morning that she might lie¬†offer a “word” or two regarding liberal love and tolerance to the flock at the local church….