The rumor mill is abuzz today with the claim that it was not the Hitlery/Democrat camp which leaked the Billy Bush tape, but Dan Senor, a close adviser to House Speaker Paul Rino. Senor is also a diehard NeverTrumper and married to former NBC and CNN news personality Campbell Brown.

According to Mike Cernovich, to whom “sources” identified Senor as the source of the leak, the rumor has since been confirmed that Senor and his wife did in fact leak the tape that the Democrat Party Communications Division, otherwise known as the mainstream media, have obligingly made the ONLY news of the past several days. What hurricane?

As soon as the media began dutifully hammering Donald Trump for typical locker room bravado spoken in a private conversation, and incessantly airing the story 24/7 and clearly putting Trump on the defensive, the treasonous, Trump-hating GOP jackoffs began rubbing their hands together and discussing who they were going to replace Trump with on the Republican ticket.

Then The Donald crushed the Wicked Witch of Benghazi in Sunday night’s debate like the cockroach that she is, and Senor doubled down, coaching the media to ignore Trump’s lopsided victory and continue to hammer the tape and “misogynist” narrative.

These tweets coaching the media added fuel to the rumor that the Democrats weren’t behind the leak of the Billy Bush tape after all, but rather Senor, a close adviser to Paul Rino, Republican Speaker of the House. Senor has been asked whether he is the source of the leak and all that has been heard from him are crickets. As far as I know he has not refuted the accusation.

Then came the confirmation….

I hope Donald Trump wins the election and promptly abandons the Republican Party, which he has been a loyal member of and which has been stabbing him in the back from the beginning. We don’t need the Democrats and we sure as hell don’t need treasonous friends like the Republicans. To hell with them all!