I am, by no means, a scientist of any kind. However, I do take pride in the fact that I possess at least an average degree of common sense.

Common sense tells me that machines suck. They are fickle, they break down, they are unreliable, and above all they are disloyal (When is the last time you had a Vegas slot machine take your side in a dispute?) Machines suck!

In regard to our American election system, the only way to make it completely honest again lies in simplicity, leaving the very hackable electronic machines behind and returning to our roots, the days when every voter chose their candidate by paper ballot, which was counted by hand. No room for hacking. Every vote counted by hand, overseen by a representative of both parties who must each sign to certify an accurate count. This should be done at every precinct level.

hand counted

H/T Melissa Mastrianni

The confidence of the People of the United States of America in our form of government and the election process for various reasons and perceptions, whether justified or unjustified, has been eroded to a point that is not good for our continued existence as a nation of States that are united. Today, there is a prevalent perception that we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, and that in fact there is no lesser of two, but rather two faces of the same evil, presented by two political parties that dominate our local and federal elections. The confidence of the American People in the governments of the nation and the States is arguably the lowest it has ever been. Adding to this, we have seen the advent of electronic voting machines that are used in our elections, further raising the skepticism regarding whether we have a real voice in determining who our elected officials will be. This leaves us wondering whether the voting is rigged for the benefit of certain entities that do not have our interest at heart, but rather their own pockets and hold on power.

When our form of government was first established over two centuries ago, the framers of the Constitution could not have foreseen the technologies of today to include the computer and electronic voting, or the dangers of electronic sabotage that would subvert the will of the People. In such a technologically advanced environment that exists in these times we need a new law mandating manually counted paper ballots in elections to eliminate the risk of hacking, or even the very perception that such crimes are being perpetrated. We the People signing this petition believe in our form of government as laid out and explained in our Constitution, and seek to preserve that form of government in its purest form as a Republic of elected representatives. We stand united in insuring the integrity of our voting system and securing the blessings of Liberty to our posterity, and we stand united in demanding a new law for a new time. We know that no system is perfect or impervious to corruption, but we believe that this would be a great step to making the best of the form of elections that we do have, and a worthy venture of restoring the confidence of the People in our electoral processes.

We have seen a campaign of not voting at all, saying that there is only the illusion of choice, showing an apathy among the People regarding the vote and a doubt of whether we truly have a government that governs by our consent. We maintained the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from tyranny, maintaining the power necessary to insure the government is in service to the People which formed it. However, we also have our common sense and good reason, therefore we petition the government to show its good faith and fidelity in its service to the People, and to address many concerns regarding the integrity of our election process by adopting this measure.

It is time for We the People and our government servants, the President of the United States, and the members of the House and Senate, and the Governors of the several States, to stand together to protect the integrity of our elections and to reinvigorate the enthusiasm of the People of this nation for its form of government and processes of election. This measure will serve to help dispel the perception of the People that our government has become a government that rules by force and deception, instead of serving by our consent in honest accordance with the principles of our Republic. This may cost us more time and money, but it is well worth it, for it would serve a great deal to preserve our nation and the form of government that We the People had established over two hundred years ago.

Sign the petition demanding paper ballots here…. Make hand-counted paper ballots mandatory in all elections.