From Red Rock Tribune

In yet another affront to our military and the American people, the Obama administration saw to it that a terrorist who killed a soldier back in 2002 had his sentence greatly reduced – from forty-five years all the way down to just EIGHT.

And to make it all even worse, that terrorist is now walking around a free man.

U.S. Delta Force medic, Sgt. 1st class Christopher Speer, was killed back in 2002 from a grenade tossed by then 15-year-old Omar Khadr.

Sgt. Lane Morris served alongside Speer and revealed to Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that the Khadr’s release “all started with the Obama administration” in a deal with that was made “behind the prosecutor’s back.”

Khadr served “one [year] in Guantanamo, and one in Canada,” he added.

Morris told Van Susteren that the attack occurred when the U.S. soldiers were tracking Khadr’sfather, another terrorist who “was bin Laden’s finance guy.”

Khadr and six of his companions “wanted to go out in a blaze of glory,” Morris said, and started lobbing grenades at the Americans. In addition to Speer, the terrorists also killed two Afghan interpreters.

Although Khadr, now 28, was born in Toronto, he was raised for the most part in Pakistan.

Khadir’s lawyers claim the terrorist is a changed man, and one Canadian court refers to him as a “model prisoner.” On that basis, Khadr was granted bail pending an appeal of his originalconviction,  despite the objections of the prosecution team.

“We feel that Mr. Khadr, until a final decision is rendered by the court, should stay behind bars,” Steven Blaney, Canada’s Public Safety Minister, told a local paper, NPR reported.