By Thomas Madison

The photo above and the video below is of a large explosion in or over Konetsk, Ukraine. Many sources are reporting that it was a small nuclear weapon, referred to as a “tactical nuke. We have found no reports thus far as to who is responsible.

The video below was filmed by a man inside his home. The window from which he was filming was broken by the shock wave of the explosion.

UPDATE: February 9, 2015, 12:00 PM EDT

Dr Douglas McGregor, a researcher in Nuclear Physics at the University of Glasgow, told the Huffington Post: “To my mind the videos show a large explosion, which is most likely to be a very large conventional explosion.

“However, from the pictures I could not categorically rule out a small nuclear explosion. The acid test will be to monitor to see if there is any radioactivity in the vicinity when observers gain access to the site.”

The blast was heard for miles and shattered windows across Donetsk.