By Thomas Madison

Classic story of the poker novice who sits down at a high stakes table with a pro. STUPID! And the novice never sees what hit him until he loses all of his money, his watch, his car, his house, and his dog. Such is the story of novice poker player Roger Ailes, also known as the CEO of Fox News, taking on professional gambler Donald Trump. Did I already say STUPID! He figured he would call what he thought was an obvious bluff by Trump, who would fold. WRONG! The Donald saw his raise, going all-in. Ailes called, thinking his full house was good. Good hand, but not good enough, not with Trump holding a straight flush. So, Ailes will not get both Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly to show up for the Fox debate Thursday night. The Donald has left the building.

Ailes is in panic mode and has been all day, trying to call Trump, who refuses to talk to him. He has even resorted to begging, calling Trump’s wife, Melania, and daughter, Ivanka, pleading with them to talk Trump into attending the debate, all to no avail.

It is now apparent why Ailes is on his knees. His very own Greta van Susteren ran a poll, asking her viewers if they would watch the debate without Trump in it. The results of the poll are stunning. As of 9:42 PM, EDT, 1/26/2016, when I took the poll, 87% of the over 35,000 poll takers thus far have pledged to skip the debate if it does not include Donald Trump, with 13% saying they will watch anyway. YUGE win for The Donald! Horrible miscalculation by Ailes! It proves two things – Donald Trump’s support is broad and deep, and never, never, never should a novice poker player sit down at a high stakes table with a pro.

I refuse to watch a Trumpless debate. I’d rather watch paint dry. I encourage everyone to boycott the debate and vote in Greta’s poll here…. Greta’s poll