Photo, above: A North Korean soldier shows off the view from one of the new upscale apartments that are not equipped hot water.

Thinking of a swell retirement location where you can buy a really cheap but luxurious (by North Korean standards) condo? Look no further than Pyongyang, where the Hermit Kingdom has just unveiled its new upscale condo complex, that comes with all the amenities like great view and cold water. Buy now at the low introductory price of two 5-gallon buckets of kimchee.

Proudly unveiling North Korea’s new 70-story residential skyscraper, Kim Jong Un cuts the ribbon, below, to unveil the project.

Kim Jong-un has unveiled a huge new 770ft skyscraper complex hailed by officials as ‘ultra modern’ – despite the most luxurious penthouse apartments having no hot water.

Foreign reporters had earlier been warned to expect a ‘big and important’ event in the secretive state today – but it turned out to be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the housing project.

Thousands of cheering North Koreans watched on as the dictator opened the sprawling Ryomyong Street development, which includes 5,000 flats.

The tallest of the buildings is 70 stories while North Korean Premier Pak Pong Ju insisted they ‘incorporate the latest architectural science and technology, including solar and geothermal technology, and the greening of roofs and walls’.

But reporters shown around showpiece penthouse apartments – finished with ice green wallpaper and purple sofas – found that none of them had hot water supplies.

It comes amid reports Kim Jong-un has ordered 600,000 residents out of the city to make way for the country’s elite. But there are some suggestions the move was part of Kim’s preparations for war amid heightened tensions with the West and after the US sent an ‘armada’ of warships to the the Korean Peninsula.

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