Note to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: It’s the national anthem, stupid!

At this time of year all the money grubbers associated with the NFL are typically rubbing their hands together as their cash cow drops them load after load of cash.

This year…. not so much. Now those same players, coaches, network execs, advertisers, and everyone else associated with the multi-billion dollar game are wringing those same hands, and every day is more bad news.

NFL viewership is down big time! Scratching their heads while attempting to analyze the precipitous drop in viewership, ratings, and revenue, the pro football powers that be are blaming online live streaming for the frightening free fall.

Nope. It’s the national anthem, stupid!

As reported by Forbes, “NBC’s Sunday Night Football was down yet again in viewership, drawing in 16.68 million viewers and scoring a 6.19/19 rating in the advertiser friendly 18-49 demo. The numbers mark a season low forSNF and the show’s 11.0 overnight rating is the lowest total since 2007(ouch). While the NFL still won the night in total viewers, those numbers mark a steep drop from last week’s 18.62 million/6.8 ratings and the week before’s 20.6 million/7.4 rating.”

Likewise, Monday Night Football. “Last night’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants drew a 9.1 overnight rating, an 8% drop from last year’s comparable Week 4 game between the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks. The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs game in 2014 earned a 9.6 rating.

Overall, MNF‘s ratings are down a whopping 19% this year, according to Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch.”



Everyone knows that Colin Kaepernick sitting or kneeling during the national anthem is stupid. And the liberal, anti-American weenies who support this action point to the First Amendment, which is expected, as the only time liberals love our Constitution is when it protects them. Otherwise, it is simply, like our flag, oppressive trash.

But wait! There is one guy (and gal) all the money grubbers have forgotten about – Joe and Jill Sixpack, the source of all of their dreams come true, the guy (gals too) in the stands, the guy at the sports bar, the guy in the Lazy Boy screaming at the refs. The grubbers have been too busy counting their money to bother connecting the dots between said money and the fans from whom it was separated.

American professional football fans are as loyal a lot as you will find on the planet. Generally, they are hardworking and patriotic, passionate about their families, their football, and their flag. Many served to defend and protect that flag, the flag that multimillionaire losers like Kaepernick so thoughtlessly shit on every Sunday.

Those in positions of authority in the NFL, from to to bottom, must be complete morons to not see this one coming. All they had to do was institute a policy of mandatory respect for our flag and our anthem. It’s a couple of minutes a week. If a player refuses it is breach of contract and he is sent packing without pay.

No, they prefer to go down with their $114 milllion backup quarterback. So be it! Kaepernick’s senseless stunt is going to cost the league much more than they are paying the bench warmer.

I stopped paying attention to the NFL and all its crybaby millionaires long ago during the strike that temporarily crippled the league and drove ticket prices beyond affordability for many fans. College football is so much more exciting and enjoyable. Even high school football is far superior to the NFL, in my opinion.

So, yeah, Mr. Kaepernick, you have every right to be a stupid asshole. I served in uniform to preserve that right. But don’t you dare come to me holding out your hand for a nickel. You ain’t getting it! I hope more fans boycott the NFL until the clueless crybabies get it, and by “get it” I don’t mean they have finally figured out where their dinner comes from. I mean they have learned to appreciate the fans who pay their salaries and learn to respect the symbols and institutions they hold so dear.

It’s the national anthem, stupid!