Thanks to Steve Spell for getting this information out.

Anheuser-Busch is among the NFL’s biggest advertisers, if not the biggest. Their Super Bowl commercials are legendary….

For decades the NFL, its team owners, the coaches and the players have taken their gravy train for granted. Since Colin Kaepernick has shown his ass, his cowardice, and his disrespect for our country, our flag, men and women in uniform, past and present, many of which paid the ultimate price, even more maimed for life, and the millions of fans who have made Kaepernick rich and famous, many other crybaby millionaires have piled on, symbolically shoving both middle fingers directly into the faces of their fans.

Several times today I called the number Steve published in the video, below, but was unable to get through. I figured the lines were jammed with other fans and patriots calling in. I finally got through at 10 PM Central, so I suggest calling at night.

Budweiser is red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, the NFL is not. I believe they have taken us all for granted, they have made TOO much money, which they now feel entitled to. They believe they OWN their fan base.

Anheuser-Busch has made it easy for us to call them to provide feedback. Call them!

Call this number, 1 (800) 342-5283, select 1, which will allow you to leave your message concerning the childish and disrespectful antics of the crybaby millionaires. If you can’t get through, call again an hour or two later, but keep calling.