By Thomas Madison

As Nevadans line up at the polls today in the state’s GOP presidential primary, one candidate is waaaaaaaay ahead.

This is clearly shaping up to be a race for second place between Cruz and Rubio, neither of whom are eligible to hold the office of President.

Second place in a presidential race is the same as last place.

UPDATE: Link to live stream Nevada GOP caucus coverage from ABC, beginning at 7:30 PM ET, 2/23… Nevada GOP caucus coverage

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The Nevada Republican caucus comes right on the heels of the South Carolina primary. The caucus takes place Tuesday, February 23 just a few days after South Carolina. It marks the last caucus or primary before Super Tuesday on March 1.

Donald Trump heads to Nevada after a South Carolina primary victory. Marco Rubio edged out Ted Cruz for second place in the Palmetto State. Jeb Bush announced he is dropping out of the race after a poor showing in South Carolina.

Early Nevada polls have Trump with a sizable advantage in the state. Nevada has historically had a low turnout which makes the voting hard to predict prior to the caucus. The situation is fluid as the caucus could end up differently than the early projections.

Here’s a look at the latest GOP polls in Nevada:

RealClear Politics Polling Average

RealClear Politics keeps a running average of the polls from Nevada. The average includes theGravis poll conducted February 14-15 and a CNN/ORC poll conducted February 10-15.

Candidate  Vote % 
 Trump 42
 Cruz 20
 Rubio 19
 Kasich 7
 Carson 6
 Bush 3

Gravis Poll

The Gravis poll was conducted February 14-15. It has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

Candidate Vote %
 Trump 39
 Cruz 23
 Rubio 19
 Kasich 9
 Carson 5
 Bush 5


The CNN/ORC poll was conducted February 10-15. It has a margin of error of 6.5 percentage point.

Candidate Vote %
 Trump 45
 Rubio 19
 Cruz 17
 Carson 7
 Kasich 5
 Bush 1