From Brian Hayes, Top Right News 

The Governor of North Carolina today signed one of the toughest law in the nation to crack down on illegal aliens in the state, stunning advocates for illegals and Democrat officials.

Governor Pat McCrory signed the Protect North Carolina Workers Act (HB 318) into law today, enacting provisions to help defend a state that has hard hit by illegal alien crime and job loss.

The main provisions of H318 include:

  • A total ban on ‘Sanctuary City’ policies, prohibiting any city or county from having in effect any policy, ordinance, or procedure that would restrict the enforcement of federal immigration law.

This section, which many are calling the “Trump Clause,” was inspired by the horrific death of San Francisco native Kate Steinle, who was gunned down by a Mexican illegal alien in July, after he had been released under that city’s shameful sanctuary policies.

GOP candidate Donald Trump has made elimination of such policies a cornerstone of his campaign. North Carolina citizens have been horribly victimized by illegal alien criminals, particularly child rapists and repeat DUI offenders.

The provision is a direct challenge to Barack Obama, who has pledged to veto any bill restricting Sanctuary Cities out of Congress.


  • A ban on the use of the notorious Mexican “Matricula Consular” or other foreign consulate documents to determine a person’s identity or residency for government and law enforcement purposes.

As the FBI has warned, consulate documents are vulnerable to fraud or forgery, and are frequently used to facilitate identity theft by illegal aliens. Yet Democrat-controlled sanctuary cities across the nation routinely accept them.

  • Mandatory E-Verify use to screen out illegal aliens for any employer with five employees or more — one of the toughest provisions in the nation

The bill’s sponsor, George Cleveland, R-Onslow, said that the change will bring more than 110,000 North Carolina businesses into the E-Verify system, making the state far less attractive to illegal aliens seeking work.

The governor hailed the bill’s enactment:

“Today, North Carolina is standing up for the rule of law, which is central to North Carolina values and our country’s values,” said Governor McCrory. “Public safety officials must have the flexibility and tools to investigate crimes and sanctuary city policies deprive law enforcement of those tools.”

McCrory used the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office as a backdrop to sign the measure Wednesday. He was flanked by Sheriff BJ Barnes and other local law enforcement and political leaders.

The governor said law enforcement must have the flexibility and tools to investigate crimes, and sanctuary city policies deprive officers of those tools.

As usual, lawless leftists and advocates for foreign invaders tried to fear-monger the bill — but far too late.

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