By Thomas Madison

So, where is the mainstream media on the selective outrage directed at Christian bakers who refuse to bake cakes for gays on religious grounds? Why don’t the LGBT community and the media go all berserk when Muslim bakers refuse to bake a fabulous cake?

The reason, obviously, is that in Liberal Land, where nearly all gays and the media live, only two religious groups can be persecuted, discriminated against, trashed, abused, ridiculed, and drug through the cesspool that is the mainstream media – Christians and Jews. All other religious groups are exempt and afforded all the protections of our Constitution, even the group least tolerant of gays – Muslims, which is strange considering that Muslims are soooooo tolerant of gays that they treat them to fabulous necktie parties and free thrill rides from multi-story buildings.

By all means, please forward this video to your fabulous friends and/or favorite media personality and ask them why this double standard exists. Feel free to post their replies in the comments section. I would love to hear their answers.