By Thomas Madison

Smugly insisting that modern science is full of it, Muslim preacher Bandar Al-Khaybari’s instruction video enlightens his followers, and anyone else stupid enough to believe him, as to the way the world turns, or more accurately, according to Al-Khaybari, the way it doesn’t.

Denying long-proven science Bandar the Brainiac contends that it is obvious that the sun revolves around the earth, not vice versa, and that the earth is stationary. The Quran says so! Let that be an end to the controversy.

Bandar insists that if the earth is rotating, as the filthy infidel pig scientists suggest, then a plane flying in the same direction the earth is rotating would never reach its destination (LOL!), a theory that may play well in Bongwater Bandar’s favorite opium den, but he should have learned in seventh-grade science class that the earth’s atmosphere, through which a plane flies, is part of the earth, and rotates with the earth at the same speed.

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Of course that would presume that Bandar the Brainless received a formal education in a civilized society, which is apparently not the case.