By Thomas Madison

Maybe I am just a pessimist, but this sounds crazy!

European nations, reeling from the Muslim migrant invasion, are offering African nations cash to accept migrants back into their home countries.

So, if I am the dictator of a cash-strapped African nation, how do I handle this? Simple. I agree to take the migrants back, accept the cash, and send them straight back to Europe on the next available transport, and collect again, and again. Quite the cash cow! Stupid!

From Matt Chorley, Daily Mail

The European Union is to offer money and visas to African countries which agree to take back thousands of illegal immigrants.

Plans have been drawn up for Brussels to bankroll a package of support for which will encourage the ‘return and sustainable reintegration of irregular migrants’.

But in return some countries will agree to let thousands of well-qualified African doctors, students and entrepreneurs into the EU, in a move branded ‘madness’.

The European Union is to offer money and visas to African countries which agree to take back thousands of illegal immigrants

EU leaders have struggled to find a way to deal with the hundreds of thousands of extra people who have arrived on the continent’s shores this year, with many more expected over the next two years.

Germany sparked outrage when it agreed to open its doors to Syria refugees feeling the war in their home country, which critics said would encourage many more to try to make the perilous sea crossing which has seen many people drown.

Now a plan has been drawn up to encourage African countries to take back their citizens who have reached the EU illegally, the Telegraph reported.

Those returned would have to be treated with ‘human dignity’ and not sent back to a country where they face persecution.

As part of the deal, the EU would set up a trust fund worth £1.3billion for countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.

The draft plan has circulated ahead of a summit on migration this week in Valletta, Malta.

It calls for ‘strengthening cooperation with key countries of origin and transit in order to facilitate the return and sustainable reintegration of irregular migrants’.

It stresses the ‘obligation of each state under international law to readmit its own nationals in full respect of human dignity’ as well as the ‘principle of non‐refoulement’ which prevents the persecuted behind handed over to their persecutor.

As part of the plan, the packages for ‘safe return and reintegration’ will be matched by the promise of ‘possible visa facilitation’ for well-qualified Africans to work in the EU.

African college qualifications for “one or more professions” could be recognised by EU countries.

Britain is not part of the Schengen common migration zone in the EU, which means that it would not have to sign up to the visa deal.

But the plan to try to persuade African countries to take back their citizens demonstrates the increasing desperation of Brussels to find a long-term solution to the crisis.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said on Twitter: ‘The EU’s way to stop illegal mass migration from Africa is to make it legal. This is sheer madness.’

Last week the EU warned that three million migrants are expected to arrive in Europe by the end of 2017.

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