By Thomas Madison

First of all, full disclosure and hat tip to Clash Daily, the inspiration for my forthcoming rant, and a website I recommend highly. However, I disagree with Clash Daily’s support of of the dingbat millenial who wrote the letter that follows.

In the letter below, 23-year old college graduate, Kristen Iglesias, takes exception to (Fox News’) Charlie Gasparino’s criticism of her generation as out of touch and disengaged.

Point #1. Kristen, author of the letter in question, claimed that Charlie Gasparino referred to “millenials” as “f*cking morons.” Sorry, Kristen, but you are proving Charlie’s point. The “f*cking morons” he was referring to were the three millenial female guests being interviewed by Neil Cavuto, which was made clear by the speakerphone call in the first video, below. He was not referring to all millenials, just those three. And he was right. They are f*cking morons!

Point #2. Charlie was making a generalization about millenials, and as with all generalizations there are exceptions. You may very well be one of those exceptions…. or not, judging by the grammar in the first sentence of your letter, which nearly convinced me to read no further. (Just razzing you. No grammar cop here.) Mr. Gasparino made it clear that there are exceptions, like millenial members of our military, who we are all very proud of. If you truly are a conservative, as you claim, then you are certainly a rare millenial, and indeed an exception. I applaud you for that!

Point #3. Gasparino’s assessment of millenials, IN GENERAL, was spot-on. They are disengaged, generally. Rarely do you see one not staring at his or her phone. They GENERALLY don’t understand important issues, history, or the current events that effect their lives and the lives of all of us, and that wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t enjoy the privilege to vote. But they do! Case in point: Nearly 70% of millenials voted for Barrack Obama in 2012. He’s a charlatan, a used car salesman. And he talked them right out of their futures. That alone is cause to repeal the 26th Amendment.

Don’t get me wrong, Kristen. I’m not blaming you and your fellow millenials for being out of touch, disengaged, and uneducated in the vital subjects that would make you more engaged and in touch. It’s my fault. Me and my fellow boomers. Your parents. WE are the ones who allowed history, civics, and social studies to be taken out of our schools. We are to blame. That doesn’t mean that you can’t repair the damage we have done. Educate yourselves, become engaged, understand the vital and sober responsibility you bear to insure a prosperous future for all Americans. In time you will be fine. By the time you millenials are in your mid-30s you will have gained the life experience necessary to make those important decisions of which I spoke earlier. Until then, you are scaring the bejesus out of the rest of us!

Point #4. Just watch the second video, below.