Stuffed ballots, rigged voting machines, and illegal immigrants voting

Voters wait in line to cast their ballot at Hug High School on November 6, 2012 in Reno, Nevada.

Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images

Then, it was Illinois state representative candidate Jim Moynihan voting early for himself and other Republicans only to notice vote-after-vote being switched to Democratic candidates by the machine. According to the web site Illinois Watchdog, Cook County Board ofElections representative Jim Scalzitti insists that every vote being switched to a Democratic candidate is a “calibration error.”

And now, it is Obama’s amnestied illegal immigrants registering to vote. According to the Winston-Salem Journal of North Carolina, State Board of Elections (SBOE) officials recently uncovered 145 names on their voter rolls that belonged to illegal immigrants who were recently granted “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) status by Obama. These would be people who have no legal right whatsoever to vote in our elections, but who are now registered to vote.

Earlier this month, those same officials sampled 1,600 names from their overall list of 10,000 voters who were identified as “legally present” by the DMV (i.e., non-citizens who may or may not have become citizens and obtained voting rights since getting drivers’ licenses). They cross-checked the names against a U.S. Department of Homeland Security database, known as SAVE, and found that 6% of the 1,600 registered voters they sampled are not eligible to vote.

As Breitbart News notes, if this ratio holds true for the entire list of 10,000 registered voters, then roughly 600 voters from that list will turn out to be illegal immigrants who have no right to vote. What’s more is that these fraudulent voters could very well end up swaying the outcome of many incredibly close elections this year…like North Carolina’s dead-heat Senate race.

Of course, these elections are only being kept so close in the first place by ultra-wealthy leftist billionaires (the left’s actual base) rushing in to prop up wildly unpopular Democratic candidates who are facing complete and utter electoral annihilation this year, according to all the recent polling.

Investors’ Business Daily adds:

We’re reminded of the case of Melowese Richardson, the Hamilton County, Ohio, poll worker who was convicted of casting multiple votes for President Obama. When the Virginia Voter Alliance cross-checked voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland, it announced that it had turned up 44,000 people registered to vote in both states at the same time. The group also identified 31,000 dead voters via the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File.

Just this week, an Arizona ballot monitor caught a man wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt stuffing hundreds of early ballots in a ballot box, while guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe revealed undercover footage of liberal activists in Colorado urging him to fill out unused ballots, a violation of the law. Also in Colorado, campaign workers have been going door to door, asking voters for mail-in ballots, a practice some fear could be abused.

Meanwhile, in New York City, it’s official: There are 850 registered voters who are officially listed as 164 years old or older.

The bottom line: There is a reason the party of ACORN hysterically smears any and everyvoter ID law as racist. Democrats simply cannot compete on a level playing field and must lie, cheat, and steal at every turn to win.

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