By Jeffrey Poor, Breitbart

On his Monday radio broadcast, conservative talker Mark Levin hammered President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder in the wake of a string of incidents involving local police, which have become national issues — Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York City and the recent executions of two NYPD officers over the weekend.

According to Levin, there is a “war on cops” being waged nationally, which he explained was part of an effort to nationalize local police departments.

“[W]hat’s going on there?” Levin said. “It’s a war on the cops. They want to nationalize local police departments. Nationalize them to ruin them. To control them. Every miscreant and malcontent suddenly has his say so over how our police officers are supposed to conduct themselves. All of a sudden every cop is supposed to wear a video camera. Why? Because they can’t trust be trusted don’t you know?  All of a sudden all the police departments are overly-militarized. Why? Has somebody been shot with a tank? All of the sudden you can’t profile. But of course you have to profile on a legitimate basis. It’s done all the time. Obama does it endlessly.”

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