By Thomas Madison

So, Marie Barf attempted to explain her clearly superior intellectual position that only the most sophisticated can comprehend, i.e., providing jobs for scumbag murderers will make them love you and leave you alone:

“Look, it might be too nuanced of an argument for some like I’ve seen over the past 24 hours some of the commentary out there but it’s really the smart way for Democrats, for Republicans, military commanders, our partners in the Arab world think we need to combat it.”

“Look, it might be too nuanced of an argument for some…” There’s really only one way to interpret that. “You are stupid!”

If you cannot comprehend Marie Barf’s superior intellect then you are stupid! Oh, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. Lots of people are stupid. In fact there are only a handful of truly intellectual superiors to whom you should entrust your personal well-being, all that you own, and all those you love. Like Barrack Hussein and Marie Barf. The rest of us are stupid.

You don’t have to comprehend their superior reasoning ability. Just know that it exists, trust it, appreciate it, worship it. All will be OK if you do that. Bask in the glow of the remarkable genius and never-ending benevolence of the flaming liberal. God knows they have always been right. We have just been too STUPID to understand it. Look what LBJ did for our inner-cities with his Great Society. Now just imagine if we can do that for the entire Middle East. Oh, the possibilities!

From Hot Air: Many on the left seem, consciously or otherwise, married to the notion that you can win a war by airdropping bales of money over hostile targets. It’s a lovely fantasy, and there is nothing “nuanced” about it. In fact, it’s a rather unsophisticated concept. Those who think that an enemy needs to be defeated before they can be converted are not missing Harf’s infinitely complex point. That she would flatter herself into believing that she had spoken over the nation’s heads reflects the hubris that explains her insultingly naïve belief that this abhorrent ideology can only be defeated by an army of career counselors.