Photo, above: Emmanuel Macron rendering the French Army salute

Yesterday, Barack Hussein publicly backed Emmanuel Macron for French President, which is usually the kiss of death for any political candidate.

Today, the media is abuzz with breaking news of a Macron tax evasion scandal involving offshore bank accounts in the Caribbean. This should virtually guarantee a victory for Macron’s opponent, populist Trump clone Marine Le Pen.

The auditor examining the case is recommending French authorities issue a warrant for globalist Rothschild protege Macron.

From GotNews….
“I am an auditor with over 2 decades of experience in one of the Big Three accounting firms. I have extensive experience examining large corporations that have subsidiaries around the world, including in tax havens, such as the Cayman Islands.

In the course of my career, I have uncovered cases of embezzlement, fraud, and tax evasion. I have also uncovered falsified documents. I was asked by an investigative reporter to confirm the authenticity of the documents linked to Emmanuel Macron below, and since these documents have been made public I am now releasing my findings.

It is broken down by each element and in order from the creation of the parent company to bank account in the tax haven. It concludes with my recommendation that the French government obtain a warrant to conduct further investigations into Emmanuel Macron’s financial activities.”

We will update details on this developing story as they become available.

Congratulations, President Le Pen.