Suppose you wanted to write a novel or screenplay about a nightmarish, present-day situation in which your own society’s leaders help facilitate the full-scale invasion and conquest of your country by millions upon millions of foreign scofflaws who breed like cockroaches, often violent and carrying deadly diseases.

Suppose your story also involves people in your own government working with armies of special interest groups to make it easier than ever to steal elections, and that anyone who tries to put safeguards in place against voter fraud essentially have their lives destroyed by IRS thugs and other agitating, community-organized crime mobs.

On top of all that, one of your drama’s main villains helps others escape criminal prosecution for laundering many billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists, yet is nonetheless poised to become our nation’s top law enforcement officer!

In other words, your plot line would be about complete treason and subversion by fifth column agents who had attained maximum power in our government.

So would your creative writing project be too far-fetched?  And would it actually sell?

No, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched.  And no, it would not sell.  Despite the high intrigues and adventure your tale would involve, there’s no market for it — because anyone interested in such exact intrigues doesn’t need to read a novel or watch a movie.  They can simply peruse the constant stream of reports gushing forth from virtually every single news outlet in the United States.

Not that most people even care about the full-blown coup right under their noses.  They’re mainly more interested in fictional dramas and celebrity dance contests.  Besides, they’ve been brainwashed to believe that because America was supposedly “stolen” in the first place, and because of slavery and whatnot, we deserve to be conquered and destroyed anyway!

Which brings us to why Al Sharpton’s female doppelganger and much softer-spoken political wingwoman, Loretta Lynch, is being considered to replace the outgoing fifth column henchman, Eric Holder, as U.S. Attorney General.

Both of my U.S. senators (Kaine and Warner) here in Virginia are, tragically, Democrats, but that didn’t stop me from writing to each of them regarding Obama’s nomination of Lynch.  Here’s what I sent them:

It’s an abomination that someone like Loretta Lynch is even being considered to be our next Attorney General.

First of all, it’s obvious that this process is just more of the same blatant racial agenda which gave us the disgusting criminal Eric Holder. Further, Lynch has gone on record in the committee hearings as saying that she would NOT even try to perform the job of AG, which is to uphold and enforce our country’s duly passed laws!

Lynch claimed at the microphones that illegal aliens have just as much right to jobs here in this country as citizens do, and she has indicated that she has no intention whatsoever to enforce our immigration laws. Instead, she has given every signal that she’s all about just continuing the ongoing left-wing disaster of flooding our homeland with more waves and waves of millions of illegal invaders. She refused to answer whether or not she’d oppose any potential lawsuits against businesses by illegals alleging employment discrimination.

Adding to the unacceptable ghastliness of this nomination, Lynch’s open opposition to protecting the integrity of elections through voter identification is yet another glaring example of the lawlessness and the ongoing radical, anti-American racial agenda of her ilk.

By falsely claiming, without conscience, that voter ID laws “disenfranchise” minorities, Lynch and her kind surreptitiously seek to make sure that elections stolen by leftist criminals (Al Franken comes to mind) is something just as possible and frequent as ever.

Loretta Lynch is of inferior, criminal character, and any senator who supports her nomination for Attorney General is also.

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