By Thomas Madison

Liberal poster girl Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who stops clocks for a hobby, had a little trouble explaining the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist to Hardball host Chris Matthews.

Ever the proverbial deer in the headlights, the clockstopper first offered an artificial chuckle, a la Hillary, then proceeded to filibuster, rephrasing Matthews’ question, offering an explanation involving the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Not buying the evasion, Matthews pressed for an answer, then recognizing Shultz’s obvious discomfort, backed off and exited the segment.

The obvious answer is…. there is no difference between a Democrat and a Socialist. Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, is running for the Democrat Party nomination for President, and is doing quite well, in second place behind first place Socialist, Hitlery Clinton. It’s clear to everyone, Debbie. It is no secret. You should have just answered the question honestly: “What, are you stupid, Chris? THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!”