By Thomas Madison

Watch as CNN Chief Clinton Apologist, Don The Lemon, resorts to cutting of the mic of conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter in order to shut him up regarding the unfairness of the media, which is going ape-doo over Donald Trump’s “schlonged” remark.

Schlichter’s point is that liberals are losing their minds over Trump’s innocuous comment. However, they believe that Bill Clinton’s actual physical and emotional sexual abuse of subordinates is fine behavior for a sitting president.

Justifying the outrageous and one-sided indignation of the left and their official communications arm, the mainstream media, Lemon argues that it is “unfair” to talk about Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades in the White House. “Apples and oranges,” Lemon claims.

As Schlichter continues to rub Lemon’s nose in his own hypocrisy, Lemon finally cuts Schlichter’s microphone off, then promptly exits the segment.

If you have lost your First Amendment and can’t find it, don’t check at CNN. I already have and it is nowhere to be found there.